Use gpt-4 for free with Coze

Coze, a free GPT-4 application platform launched by ByteDance, not only offers access to the native GPT-4 but also supports the rapid development of upper-layer applications based on GPT. It boasts powerful app editing capabilities and is equipped with a wealth of plugins, such as internet connectivity, drawing tools, and Notion synchronization, greatly simplifying the setup of customized workflows. Additionally, Coze allows users to build their own knowledge bases, and currently, all these features are available for free.

On Coze, users can find bots covering various domains such as news reading, travel planning, and productivity tools. I tried Coze's video generation bot and found that it not only supports internet connectivity but also integrates features of the international version of CapCut and others. Users can easily select and run different models, such as GPT-3.5 16K or GPT-4 8K.

Coze also offers a visual orchestration tool, making the creation of personalized GPT applications simpler and more cost-effective. In my experience, I found this feature to be extremely powerful, supporting everything from basic model selection to custom code and condition settings.

Overall, as a ByteDance product, Coze provides an efficient and free GPT-4 platform that demonstrates clear advantages in both experience and functionality. Personally, I believe Coze is the best among similar products currently on the market. I highly recommend everyone to try Coze, especially while it is still free.

For those interested in experiencing Coze, you can visit its official website:

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