How many times have you been scrolling the internet and see something like this ?. Everyone using the internet must have seen this.

A picture of CAPTCHA puzzle piece

You would feel like, “Am I a bot?”. It can get very annoying when you are in a hurry to sign up for an account or apply for something and the puzzle piece or piece of text comes up. Everyone has experienced this and how annoying it can get.

In this article, I will explain captchas, how to bypass these captchas, captcha solving programs, and how 2captcha stands out from others.

What Is Captcha:

Captcha is a program that is used to verify if a user on a website is human or not, by using tests computers could not easily answer to verify. This is used to drive off bots that could spam a program.

What Led To The Birth Of Captcha:

Captcha was borne out of the need to eliminate spammers on sites. At the beginning of the 21st century, websites suffered huge losses because of bots that are spamming their sites, creating fake accounts, manipulating voting polls, and other kinds of vices that were done by these bots. That was when captcha was born.

A picture of a human doing a reCAPTCHA test with robots behind him

Captcha is an acronym for Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers And Humans Apart. It was coined by Luis von Ahn, Manuel Blum, Nicholas J. Hopper, and John Langford of Carnegie Mellon University.

How Does Captcha Work:

Captcha uses text recognition, image recognition, audio recognition, and behavioral pattern using reCaptcha and math or word problems to confirm if the user is indeed human or not.

Text recognition:

The user is tested with distorted texts, these texts are usually hard for computers to identify. That way, the program fails the user if the user is unable to identify the text. This has pitfalls as it could fail a computer and a visually impaired human too. In recent years, advanced bots trained with such data can figure it out.

A monitor with a CAPTCHA test recognition challenge sitting on a desk.

Image recognition:

This involves the use of images in a puzzle piece where the user is asked to identify an image, in this case, computers can’t figure out the answers and visually impaired humans are unable to use this too.

A picture of CAPTCHA puzzle piece

People are stressing out whenever these puzzle piece images pop on their screen, because of the bad user experience. I would be wondering whether or not to choose it too.

A picture meme of CAPTCHA puzzle piece and someone who is struggling to select the correct pieces.

The Audio recognition:

In this test, the user is asked to repeat a letter back to them. Now, this is a good option for people who are blind. But like others, it hinders people who are deaf-blind from having access to it.

A picture of a CAPTCHA audio recognition challenge

Behavioral pattern using reCaptcha:

This is done by ticking the checkbox. But the test behind it is in the tiny unconscious movements made before ticking the checkbox. Sometimes, if the user’s movements are somewhat suspicious, then the puzzle piece box appears again.

A picture of reCAPTCHA

All the challenges for captcha tests have their pitfalls and that was when the need for bypassing these captchas came to light.

How To Bypass Captchas:

Initially, when I was looking for a way to bypass captchas, I only saw VPN suggestions and I did not like the idea because of the risks that come with using a VPN. Until somebody suggested a captcha solver to me.

I looked up captcha solvers and the first captcha solver I saw was about 12 dollars for 1000 captchas, which was too high for my budget. The second one was budget-friendly but it required technical knowledge only. I did not like that then I saw another one called 2captcha that had an option for technical knowledge and non-technical knowledge and was very affordable too. It was such a relief.

I have been using 2captcha since then and it has been amazing ever since.

What Is This 2captcha:

A 2Captcha Image

2captcha is a program for solving captchas. It spares us all the heartaches by solving captchas using human intelligence. Some humans are on standby waiting to solve your captchas.

It delivers solved captchas fast and takes less than 12 seconds. It is extremely affordable too, costs 0.5 dollars for 1000 solved captchas.

How 2captcha Works:

To use 2captcha, you would have to register. You can use it as a browser extension or as an API (programmers). Then send your captchas over and get your solved captchas delivered to you as text immediately.

Benefits Of Using 2captcha:

  • 2captcha does not require programming knowledge to use it, for non-programmers, you could simply use it as a browser extension.
  • 2captcha is more affordable, really you would be surprised to know there are other bypassing captcha programs that charge more.
  • 2captcha supports most programming languages(Python, JavaScript, PHP, Java etc).
  • 2captcha offers support for major kinds of captchas, normal captchas, reCaptcha, distill, hCaptcha, etc all at affordable rates.

For more info on 2captcha, you can check out their website.


Now, we have gone through what captchas are, a brief history, types of CAPTCHA challenges, and why 2captcha is the best CAPTCHA solver. No more CAPTCHA headaches, everyone can access a website without being hindered. You could try 2captcha today and tell me what you think about their service, I would love to hear from you.

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